Baby Food Warmers

Philips Avent ExpressThe reasons for considering a baby food warmer are:

  • Safety for your Baby
  • Correct Food Temperature for your Baby
  • Convenience for You

Using a microwave oven might seem a simple and easy way to heat baby food but it can be a problem causing local hot-spots in the food that might harm your baby.  The same is true, though to a lesser extent, when food is warmed in a water-bath on the stove top.

Really the best choice is a purpose-built baby food warmer that will heat the food evenly without this risk of hot spots in the food and that will bring it uniformly to the best temperature for your baby.

Baby food warmers fall into two main types – the bottle warmers for heating up a baby’s bottle of milk or formula and baby food dish warmers for heating up more solid food when your baby has progressed to that stage.

As a further variation, you can get baby food warmers for travelling that you can use in your car or hotel.

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