Mom Temperature Baby Bottle Gift Set

by Penelope on August 2, 2012

  • Safe feeding: As the proper temperature can be maintained at all time, babies can be safely fed without worring about burns from hot dry milk or stomach problems caused by cold milk.
  • Simple and convenient operation of bottles: Bottles work just by connecting a power supply cord(Home & Car). As the water color changes according to the temperature, you can check the temperature at a glance.
  • Temperature checking unnecessary as there is a function to indicate the temperature with LED light ( 35?(95?) or lower: blue, 36~39C(95~102.2F): green, 40C(104F) or higher: red )
  • Accuracy of sensor: As the sensor and heater rod are separated, it is possible to measure the temperature more accurately.
  • Package includes: 250ml Heater Bottle x 1, 250ml Reserve Bottle x 1, Home Power Connector x 1(With Free Voltage Adaptor), Car Power Connector x 1, Stage of nipple ( Small x 2pc,Medium x 2pc, Large x 2pc, X-Large x 2pc )

Product Description
It keeps proper temperature by use of humans harmless heater cylinder and internal temperature sensor.

1. FDA Approved Material(Main bottle, Nipple), ISO 9000 certificate, KCL, KEMTI, Patented Product No. 10-0937258 (Korea).
2. Easy handling! The weight is almost same as normal baby bottle.
3. Resistant strength from baby tough playing!
4. Mom can remotely check the temperature using LED displaying.
5. Keeping warm on 36~39C(95~102.2F) even during… More >>

Mom Temperature Baby Bottle Gift Set

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